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Vocational Training for Employment Generation VOTEG

The service industry has opened new vistas of employment opportunities for skilled manpower. The UNDP-DST Project on Employment Generation is a joint initiative of United Nations Development Programme & Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. The project shall develop, demonstrate & disseminate a skill training curriculum in emerging technologies in unconventional areas where a curriculum is not available as on date. The unconventional trades selected in this Project are Modern Appliances Maintenance, Bio - technology, Maintenance of Office Equipment and Multi-skilling in Rural and Semi-urban areas in four locations in Uttranchal, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. TREC - STEP shall coordinate the activities and monitor the achievement of project milestones.

The Implementing Centres are

Vocation Implementing Centres
Modern Appliances Maintenance TREC-STEP REC, Tiruchirappalli
Computer Hardware & Office Equipment Maintenance Electronics Service & Training Centre, Ramnagar, Uttranchal
Multi-skilling for rural & semi-urban areas Centre for Research & Industrial Staff Performance, Bhopal
Tissue culture, Floriculture & vermi-composing Vivekananda Institute of Bio-technology, Nimpith, West Bengal

A modular competency based training curriculum in Modern Appliances Maintenance has been generated and pilot tested on a batch of 200 trainees at TREC - STEP with a dedicated facility which includes three state-of-the-art laboratories, a Video training theatre and other modern amenities.

Partnerships with renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers - BPL, Whirlpool, Samsung and LG have provided valuable inputs in training of TREC - STEP trainers and structuring & designing other curriculum. OEMs are also involved in training, employment and promotion of model Service Centres. There is a special emphasis on the involvement of women in the project. The training programme is also provided specially to a batch of handicapped trainees and the lessons learnt are documented in a guide for training handicapped trainees in Modern Appliances Maintenance.