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Venture Internationalization Services

TREC-STEP through the EU and World Bank supported projects on cross cultural venture promotion between the incubatee companies of the European and Indian Business Incubators, have rich experience in match making services and internationalization of innovative ventures. Some of the important projects implemented by TREC-STEP in the domain are as follows:

European Commission FP6 Project ‘Opening International Markets for Small Innovative Firms’:

science parks and business incubators across Europe for standardizing and certification of business incubation services for facilitating internationalization of small innovative firms.

EU Small Project Facility Project on ‘Business Incubators Network Development Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Business Incubation Partnerships between EU and India’:

TREC-STEP worked with many national and international Business Incubators and its Associations in Europe and Asia for knowledge sharing and cross cultural venture creation between EU and India.

World Bank infoDev Project ‘Developing ICT Synergies for incubating start-up ventures’:

Under this infoDev World Bank and DST supported project TREC-STEP worked with several major business incubation associations in Asia and Europe for enabling effective Business Incubation processes by utilizing ICT resources, learning from global best practices, ICT skills tool to upscale the performance of existing SMEs and to leverage the regional linkages with Business Incubation.