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Pure Tech

Pure Tech India is a successful knowledge based venture dedicated to innovative design and manufacturing of specialty engineering equipments used for liquid pollution control incubated at TREC-STEP. The start-ups’s products are positioned in the niche eco-sensitive domain of preventing the manufacturing liquid pollutants from causing grave harm to the environment by their indiscriminate disposal. The venture, recognizing and aiming to address critical pollution parameters, manufactures equipment for recovery and re-use of costly and depleting resources like Hydrocarbons. The company serves Engineering, Automobile, Food and Petrochemical companies and Treatment plants across the country and abroad. The key products designed innovatively and manufactured efficiently are Water-soluble Coolant recovery systems, Oil - water separators, water - oil separators, Advanced Oxidation reactors and Stainless Steel filter media cartridges. The company aims to be a one-stop source for a range of liquid recovery systems, to promote clean and green tech manufacturing in the country and abroad.

The most important aspects that attracted Pure Tech to TREC-STEP were the Motivation, Mentoring, specific inputs on Marketing and Business strategy formulation, Infrastructure support, Business contacts, Funding options, etc. The company within a short period of time has already exported the equipments to Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Dubai and Iraq. Currently, the equipments are being exported to Brazil and Mozambique, totally covering 10 countries.


Aeyyes Tungsten

Aeyyes Tungsten, an innovative Clean Tech Venture promoted with the incubation assistance of TREC-STEP is based on an entirely hitherto unavailable new technology for recycling highly scarce Tungsten Carbide Scrap.
The new innovative technology is through an innovative sequential thermo mechanical process. Both the technology and the process outputs, recycled tungsten carbide have huge market potential globally. It has very huge potential in India. Presently the tungsten carbide and its powders are imported in large quantities by our country from global sources since there is no indigenous tungsten production. Besides this the project also has many environmental benefits.Aeyyes Tungsten is being successfully incubated at TREC-STEP. The venture was provided with necessary new venture training, accommodated inside the campus in one of the suitable nursery incubation space for starting the venture and provided with a series of counseling sessions and interactions on the project, for conceptualization and rigorous planning aiming at the big picture, higher targets, accelerated growth and global reach within a short time frame.

Focused interaction sessions on strategy, marketing and technology domain, mentoring sessions, infrastructure support and other assistance were provided by TREC-STEP incubation team. The venture has been successful in getting favorable Patentability Examination Report from World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, which would enable the organization to get international patents from 140 countries, very soon. The process for getting international patents from China, Korea, Russia, Bolivia, USA, Germany, Sweden, Austria, UK and Israel, where Tungsten Carbide is produced and used in large quantities, has already been initiated successfully.